About Chad

More about Chad Collins

Chad Collins is an inspirational leader in the Portland, Oregon area. He currently serves as the Program Director of Posse PDX, a youth development organization focused on providing young people from diverse backgrounds with access to life-changing opportunities. Chad has dedicated his life to ensuring that everyone has access to quality education and resources so they can reach their full potential.

Prior to joining Posse PDX, Chad was an educator in public school districts throughout the United States. He held a variety of roles in those districts including principal, teacher coach, curriculum director, and special education coordinator. His experience working in these different roles has equipped him with the skills needed to lead the organization into its next stage of growth and success.

Outside of his work at Posse PDX, Chad is also active within his community. He is a regular volunteer at local soup kitchens and homeless shelters, showing his dedication to helping those in need. In addition, he is also an avid reader who takes great pleasure in connecting with literature from all walks of life.

Chad’s commitment to making sure that everyone has access to quality education and resources makes him an inspiring leader here in Portland. We are proud to have him as part of our team at Posse PDX and look forward to seeing what else he can accomplish for our city’s youth population!