Banana Zkittlez Strain

CBDDY – banana zkittlez strain is a hybrid that brings together two powerful genetics in order to bring out a fruity flavor of banana. This strain is a cross between the Banana Punch (Banana OG x Purple Punch) from Symbiotic Genetics and the Zkittlez clone, which is very famous in cannabis cultivation.

Banana Zkittlez by Terp Hogz GeneticZ from Seed City

The resulting genetics are a combination of fruity and ripe banana flavors with acidic grapefruit and citric touches in a background that reminds us of forest fruits. Combined with the powerful aroma of terpenes, such as caryophyllene and Limonene, this variety will leave you breathless.

It is a strain that provides both invigorating and relaxing effects, inducing a euphoric head high followed by a body buzz that’s more introspective and tranquilizing. It is a favorite of consumers for its balanced effect, which users often describe as a harmonious combination of happiness and creativity.

This cannabis strain is easy to grow, requiring very little care and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It produces compact and resinous buds that are ideal for extracts and oils.

For a successful harvest, you need to provide your seeds with plenty of moisture and nutrients. This variety does well with any type of climate, although the best results will be achieved in mild climates. When grown outdoors, you can expect a flowering period of about 65 days and a maximum height of 150 cm. It’s also possible to grow Banana Zkittlez indoors, but you’ll need to set your lights at a lower power level so that your plants don’t exceed their potential.

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