Best Telescope Under $200

Best Telescope under $200 (tie) The top ten picks for best affordable telescopes are usually determined by the brand name, model, construction and features. So what makes a good value and which ones are best for amateur astronomers? The top ten are: Click here –

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Celestial Optics XTender 10″ Classique Astrograph. This is a solid “buster” of a telescope priced at just over one hundred dollars. It has a nice big mirror with accurate construction and a good coating. The main downside is that the internal tube depth is very limited–meaning that it’s easy to overfill and cause distortion. However, the extras are decent–if you really want to use a wide-field eyepieces. For under two hundred dollars, this is a great budget telescope.

Star Blast X8i Skyfinder. For those looking for a moderately priced, fully featured telescope with good imaging power, the Star Blast line from Celestron is a nice fit. The Star Blast i8i Skyfinder retails for about two hundred and sixty US dollars and has a useful parallax and coma correction as well as a good-quality eyepiece. It has a nice hand-free grip, easy access to the menu, and easy-to-use controls panel., has a professional image and accuracy comparable to some of the better $200 telescopes, and has a handy carrying case. For under one hundred and fifty US dollars, the Zeiss StarMatic is a great starting point for a beginner’s telescope.

210 61 Astromaster. The Best Telescope under $200 that I’ve seen can be described in two words: The Zeiss StarMatic. This is an affordable refractor that features an eight-inch parallax adjustment and an accurate reflector. The Zeiss model features an easy to use interface and a manual focusing system.

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