Discover the Many Attractions of a Childcare Centre Near Your Home

The Killara childcare centre is a wonderful, safe and secure centre for your child to play and learn in. As well as excellent specialist care, it has all the facilities you would expect from a childcare centre including a play area for your children, swimming pool, gymnasium and above all else, a warm, welcoming atmosphere. As well as excellent, safe environments, the centre prides itself on its ability to offer a therapeutic and learning environment for all of its clients. This leaves parents feeling confident in their decision to send their child to the centre, which is situated in Killarney’s Botanical Gardens.

Learn Exactly How I Improved Discover The Many Attractions Of A Childcare Centre Near Your Home

Killarney’s Child Care Centre prides itself on offering “innovation” to its clients and this includes having the only indoor climbing wall in New South Wales. Not only is this a fantastic learning experience for the children and their parents, but it will also allow you the opportunity to get up close and personal with your child, something that you won’t be able to do in some childcare centres. It is because of this centre’s commitment to safety, enjoyment and development that the centre is able to offer “discovery days”. Discovery days are designed to expose children to new and exciting activities so that they can benefit from a balanced day. The centre even offers its clients special “learning boxes” with pretend play toys, wooden building blocks and gumballs which children can play with.

The centre’s friendly staff is also there to support you and your child at any time, making them feel at home. All of the Killarney childcare centres are fully licensed and insured so you are guaranteed the safety and care you need. It is the friendly, caring and knowledgeable staff that make every parent feel valued at every time, making them return to the centre time after time. If you are looking for a childcare centre in Killarney, you are guaranteed to find one with high standards, friendly staff and a variety of activities to keep your child’s learning excitement levels high. As well as offering parents a place to leave their child for a few hours, they are also equipped to offer after-hours care if needed.