Fumari Hookah Tobacco Review

Fumari Hookah Tobacco is a popular American brand of shisha tobacco that is renowned for its strikingly fresh flavors and intense smoke. Their tobacco is replenished daily in small batches using a two-step aging process that improves the absorption of ingredients and unleashes the flavor’s full potential. The tobacco is then blended with a selection of liquid ingredients that create a rich, silky-smooth smoke that can be enjoyed by both casual smokers and connoisseurs alike. Each flavor is expertly crafted and packed in a resealable flavor-locked pouch to keep the tobacco and flavors fresh until used, with each pack containing a resealable sleeve to help protect the product from contamination during storage.

Why can’t I taste my shisha?

Fumari hookah tobacco has a lower nicotine content of 0.05% than other brands of shisha and is considered a “washed” tobacco. As a result, most smokers experience less of a head buzz than with other tobacco brands, while still enjoying a long, enjoyable smoking session. Fumari is a very juicy tobacco that has high glycerin levels, and therefore is best smoked with an extra-fluff pack in a phunnel bowl to produce dragon clouds and optimal flavor. Find out : https://www.theexeterdaily.co.uk/users/yallacustomboxes

A luscious combination of vanilla and espresso meets with a touch of cardamon, nutmeg, and cinnamon in this delightful Fumari shisha flavor. Bold as love itself, this creamy delight is sure to steal your heart with every puff.

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