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Long Island is a densely populated, densely industrialized island in southern New York State, spanning from New York City to the Canadian border. Surrounding its heavily industrialized Atlantic Ocean shore are the quiet New Town, Jones Beach State Park and Montauk Point State Park; the former featuring Montauk Mountain and Fire Island, while the latter, filled with man-made islands and famous homes for affluent citizens, is the preserve of the wealthy. Along its Long Island shore are the towns of New London, Hampton Bays and Garden City, home to a plethora of shopping malls, Long Island museums, and the New York Botanical Garden.

Long Island Attractions

Long Island has a variety of residential neighborhoods, from affluent and middle class to luxury, from waterfront condominiums to suburban single-family dwellings to rural, wooded properties. It’s a diverse place – Long Island has it all, including a major cultural and economic center (Nassau County, which includes Hempstead, East Hampton, Westchester County and Jamaica Plain) and a wealth of outdoor recreational opportunities: fishing, boating, hiking, beaches, parks, golf, tennis, horseback riding, amusement parks and so much more. Long Island’s cultural and entertainment centers include New York City, which is the cultural, entertainment and financial capital of the world; Manhattan, New York’s cultural and shopping capital; Brooklyn, which is the cultural and entertainment heart of Brooklyn; Long Island City, a bustling commercial center; and the state parks, whose recreational and environmental assets range from the pristine beaches of Long Island Sound in Upstate New York to Finger Lakes, Lackawah, Troy, Connecticut, to the forests and waterfalls of Northern Massachusetts and Vermont. In total, Long Island has more than two hundred parks, making it one of the most popular natural parks in the United States.

Although Long Island has everything that a family could dream of in a home, its real estate market reflects the unique character of this area. The large number of islands has led to a surplus of towns and villages. The smallest of the islands, Hempstead, is a wonderful place to live–a picturesque village of pine houses, maple trees, and lots for fresh produce and craft. Other small towns include Hampton Bays, Greenport, Minehead, Jones Beach, Smithtown, Oaklyn, Suffern, Westport, borough, boroughs, coliseums and so many more.

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