Magic Mushroom Gummies

magic mushrooms gummies

When it comes to eating magic mushrooms gummies | CanadaShrooms, edibles are a very popular way of taking them. Gummies are particularly appealing because of their taste and ease of consumption. Gummies can be made to contain varying levels of magic mushroom psilocybin, ranging from mild to full psychoactive effects. Whether used for wellness and microdosing or for the experience of a full-fledged psychoactive trip, mushrooms are a powerful tool to have at your disposal.

These gummies are made with a blend of six functional mushrooms for immunity and health. Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Shiitake, and Lion’s Mane are included in the formulation to provide a range of benefits including energy, mood enhancement, and cognitive support. The gummies are also high in antioxidants to support normal cellular regeneration and recovery.

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Creating psilocybin gummies is easy and can be done at home. This recipe uses agar agar powder as a substitute for gelatin, which is great for those who do not consume animal products. The recipe yields 24 gummies, each with 1 gram of psilocybin. However, if you are planning on using these for microdosing purposes, then only 7 grams of mushrooms should be added, yielding a lower potency of 0.30 grams per gummy.

The gummies are vegan, gluten-free, and organic and are free from artificial flavorings, colors, and preservatives. They are the perfect snack for on-the-go or to consume on a regular basis to increase energy and boost mental clarity. It is recommended that you start at a low dose of 25mg and then work your way up to find the right dosage for you.

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