Netting Fence

Netting Fence

A netting fence is the best choice for keeping small animals in and predators out of poultry yards, gardens, or any other small space. It’s also easy to move and store.

Netting fence comes complete on a roll with built-in line posts and weighs less than 20 pounds. Just connect an electric fence energizer (and ground rod) and it’s ready to keep your livestock in and the predators out. This link

When a strand of netting fence is energized, the wires become “hot.” If an animal touches the netting with its nose, ears or beak, it receives a short shock and learns to avoid touching it again. The intensity of the pulse depends on several factors, including joules (the volume of electrons), total resistance of conductors, and the amount of moisture in the soil.

“Enclose with Ease: The Many Applications and Benefits of Netting Fences

Poultry netting is ideal for most situations since it has the height to safely contain sheep, goats, swine, and cattle. It is usually too low for black bear, cougars, and mountain lions who can jump over it easily. For those species, a taller net (NP7) is available that is angled outward to deter them from jumping over it.

When netting is not in use, it’s important to keep it energized and to keep it clear of metal objects and vegetation that may cause a spark when an animal contacts it. Even though the net is insulated, it still can carry enough voltage to shock a person if they touch it while working on it or stepping over it.

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