Rabbit Traps – What To Look For When Shopping For Rabbit Traps

Rabbit Traps

Rabbit traps are great for catching rabbits in the wild. There are many rabbit traps available on the market today, but they all work in different ways. If you are new to catching rabbits, or just have no experience, I suggest you go out and purchase a rabbit trap to get started. They are inexpensive and will give you years of enjoyment. Read this article to learn more about rabbit traps and how to use them effectively.

The Most Professional Trappers

Choose a rabbit trap with a wire mesh floor. These rabbit traps usually consist of a plastic or metal cage with a strong trigger mechanism that makes the door of the cage open to the animal trigger the pad using the lever attached to the trigger pad. The most common one door trap is preferred by most professional trappers, and it lets you put the rabbit bait directly behind the triggering pad, which causes the rabbit to enter the cage through the trap doorway. You can use several other kinds of wire mesh floor traps, including ones with levers and ones with suction cups, but the wire mesh ones are the easiest to use.

Rabbits like to eat a lot of different types of bait, so once you’ve caught your first one, you’ll want to know where to store your caught rabbit. Most good rabbit traps have a large space to store a number of bait products. You should be able to find things like fresh rabbit food, nuts, fruits, eggs, grasses, and even pet foods in the traps. Keep all these products in one spot, but make sure it’s out of reach of your pet.

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