Spring Manufacturers

Spring Manufacturer

You may not think of becoming a Spring Manufacturer | Reliable Spring, but you may be surprised to find out just how much this industry has grown in recent years. Computer and cellular phone industries are rapidly expanding, so a Spring Manufacturer is needed to create reliable small springs for these rapidly-growing markets. The same can be said of the contact points on semiconductor wafers, which are used to form reliable electrical connections. Hence, there are many opportunities for a Spring Manufacturer.

The Final Product Is Typically One Or Two Millimeters Thick

Whether you’re looking for compression springs, extension springs, or torsion springs, you’ll find them at R&L Spring Company. Their product lines include compression, extension, torsion, flat, and wire-form springs. They also offer custom parts, including magnets and bearings. Spring Manufacturers can even help you design and manufacture your own custom springs. You can also work with Lexco Cable Manufacturers for your custom wire rope assemblies.

While springs are commonly made from wire, many materials are used to make them. The most popular is spring steel, and it’s used for many industrial applications. Other materials used for coil springs include copper, steel, and hardened spring steel. Materials used to make coil springs depend on their intended use. Tensile strength and yield strength are important, as is resistance to moisture and chemicals. Other factors affecting the selection of a material for a spring also depend on the design and fabrication of the product.

Some companies in the United States that make springs include Altak Inc. in Florida. They offer custom precision springs, as well as wire forming and tube bending. The company also offers engineering assistance and automated value-added assembly to their customers. Some other companies focus on compression or torsion springs, including Gemco Mfg. in Southington, CT. The company employs 300 people. The company has an impressive portfolio of springs and provides custom solutions.

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