The Booming Gaming Industry in Thailand

Despite the onset of the pandemic, the gaming industry in Thailand is booming. While not as big as in the US or the UK, Thailand’s gaming scene has taken off in recent years. This has been boosted by the rise of social media and esports.

What kind of TV do gamers use?

Gaming is one of the best leisure activities for the Thai people, and it’s also a great way to connect with friends and family. The Thai government has recognized the potential of the industry and has backed its growth.

According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Thailand’s gaming market has grown by over 20 percent in the past year. It’s predicted to earn nearly US$2 billion by 2025. Currently, there are around 28 million gamers in the country. The market is mainly populated by young adults aged 16 to 44. ไปที่

It’s no surprise that Thailand’s gaming scene has grown to include PC and console gaming. In addition to gaming consoles, mobile devices have also become increasingly popular among gamers. In fact, 95% of Thai gamers use mobile gaming applications in metropolitan areas.

Gaming devices like the HTC Vive have been launched in Thailand. This has given the country a plethora of gaming opportunities. However, PC and console gaming are still king in the kingdom.

The cheapest gaming notebook costs less than 25,000 baht. The most expensive one costs nearly 400,000 baht, according to one gaming retailer.

Thailand’s gaming market is expected to grow by 15 percent in the coming years. In addition, the country has received significant funding for the sector. In fact, the Thai gaming industry has garnered more than US$1 billion in revenue in the past year.

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