What Happens at a Drug Rehabilitation Centre?

addiction rehabilitation centre

If you or someone you know addiction rehabilitation centre can help. These facilities provide a range of treatment options including medical and psychotherapy. They can also provide support and resources to aid your recovery after you have completed treatment.

Many people go to rehab after they have realised that their drug use has become a problem and their habits have strained relationships with loved ones. They may have tried to quit using drugs on their own but found it difficult or even impossible. Drug rehab centres can offer you a supportive environment where you will learn how to cope with cravings and overcome your addiction.

Choosing Wellness: How to Select the Best Inpatient Rehab Near You

Addiction treatment programmes generally begin with supervised detoxification, or withdrawal. This is important because stopping a substance suddenly can cause unpleasant or even dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Drug rehabilitation centres can provide you with the medical care and assistance you need to safely navigate the process. They can also provide you with medication that reduces cravings during the withdrawal period.

After detox, a typical day at a drug rehab centre will include a session of individual or group therapy. Some centres will have a set schedule for the week, while others will vary their programme to accommodate special events or activities. Lunch is usually a group meal and the afternoon sessions will typically be followed by a personal time or activity, such as a walk around the grounds or journaling.

Outpatient addiction treatment is the least intensive level of care and can take place anywhere from daily to a few times per week for a few hours at a time. This is the most common form of addiction treatment and may be offered by a hospital, community health service or independent private facility.

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