Wide Caster Wheels

The glass filled nylon caster wheels are hard and durable. They can withstand heat, cold, and many other conditions. This material is also non-marking and resistant to oils and other cleaning agents. These wheels are commonly used in high capacity applications and have a hardness rating of 90-95A. They are able to operate on various types of floors, including smooth steel and concrete.

How do spring loaded casters work?

Larger caster wheels can move heavier loads more easily than their smaller counterparts. The larger the wheel, the more surface area it covers in a single roll. However, large wheels can raise the center of gravity of the object and cause damage. It’s important to find the right caster wheel for your needs. The type you select will depend on the size of the object, the floor, and how much you need to move it.

Heavy duty casters have a tough and dependable construction, which makes them ideal for abusive and power-towed applications. Choose from six, eight, and ten-inch wheels that are available in a wide range of sizes. Each one can support up to 1,750 pounds. They also have multiple wheel options, making it easy to find the right fit for your application.Wide caster wheels are generally more resistant to swivel rotation than narrow ones.

This is because the center part of the wheel rotates at a slower speed than the regions of the wheel that extend outwards. Moreover, the center portion of the wheel will resist swivel rotation as the weight increases. Another method to increase the load capacity of a wide caster wheel is to mount several narrow wheels on the same wheel axis. Then, they would have smaller ground contact patches, and would have less resistance when turning in place.

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